• Delmer
    Sheldon Elter

    Howie Miller

  • Creston
    Kevin McDonald

  • Chad
    Jason Cermak

    Patricia Zentilli

  • Maxine
    Allison Lynch

    Todd Houseman

  • Lloyd
    Donovan Workun

  • Tom
    Shaun Johnston

About the Show

From the award winning sketch comedy series CAUTION: May Contain Nuts, everyone's favorite couple is back, this time in their very own show! Relocating to the "Big City" of Morningside, Alberta (pop 40,000), Marta (Howie Miller) and Delmer (Sheldon Elter) adjust to their new lives in the heart of a thriving and close-knit prairie community.

A key feature of the community is the local news and information station, and this is where Marta will find her calling. Station manager, self-described Zen Buddhist Creston (Kevin McDonald, Kids in the Hall), is desperate to fill a diversity quota and hires her to host a segment of Good Morning Morningside.

Not so quick to board the Marta bandwagon are Lisa (Patricia Zentilli), the self-interested news anchor, and her co-anchor, the affable but socially inept Chad (Jason Cermak). Also on the Morningside team is Creston's sidekick and floor director, Lloyd (Donovan Workun), and the shiny new intern Wesley (Todd Houseman) who is madly in unrequited love with Maxine (Allison Lynch), the cool hipster girl always hidden away in the control booth watching and judging every move the crew makes.

In the pilot episode, Marta and Lisa are nominated for the same local television award. The competition brings out the best in Marta and the worst in Lisa, and Marta's best makes Lisa even worse. Delmer borrows a suit for the occasion from his friend Tom (Shaun Johnston) but the suit comes with a personality of its own, and Delmer suddenly isn't really Delmer anymore. Meanwhile Wesley and Maxine have their first official date, I mean no, it's not a date.

Moments on Morningside

In Delmer & Marta, Marta works as a host of a small town morning show. Here are some special segments from Good Morning Morningside that highlight some of the characters at the station and even Delmer shows up to help out.

Creston's Promos

The station manager Creston loves to do the promo spots for the morning show. In fact, he insists.

Delmer Fills In

Delmer is always around the set and has found his way onto the show a few times, filling in for guests and absent employees.

Lisa’s Letters

Lisa decided to do an advice segment where viewers write in with problems. Unfortunately this idea backfired when it exposed a little too much of Lisa’s personality.

Community Events

Max never wanted to be on air but Creston insisted she read the community events to add some youthful charm. She clearly hates it and lets her sarcasm shine through.

Inside Morningside Interviews

Some days were light on guests so at Creston’s suggestion Marta and Lisa would trade off interviewing each other.

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