A half hour comedy series coming soon!

From the award-winning sketch comedy series CAUTION: May Contain Nuts, everyone’s favourite couple is back, this time in their very own show! Having relocated from the Rez to the ‘Big City’ of Morningside, Alberta (pop. 40,000), Marta (Howie Miller) and Delmer (Sheldon Elter) adjust to their new lives in the heart of a thriving and close-knit prairie community. Marta shakes things up as the host of the local morning news show, Good Morning Morningside. And while not technically employed by the station, Delmer finds plenty to do ‘helping’ Marta and the morning show team any way he can. Kevin MacDonald (The Kids in the Hall) and Shaun Johnston (Heartland) join the cast as Marta’s quirky boss Creston, and Tom, the couple’s unlucky-in-love next-door-neighbor. Delmer and Marta keep things interesting with their oddly charming and always-loveable antics.