Sheldon Elter

Sheldon is a Métis actor, writer, stand-up comic, musician and director originally from Northern Alberta. A couple of years ago, Sheldon was one of the Top 14 finalists in CTV’s Canadian Idol and now his friends on the show won’t let him live it down. Sheldon’s one-man show, Métis Mutt, has won multiple awards and toured across the country and the world!


Delmer doesn’t work -not from lack of ambition. It’s just that with Delmer, his ambition is to be the best Delmer he can be. And just because you don’t get paid, doesn’t mean you don’t do anything. Delmer does things every day - mostly love and support his wife, Marta.

Howie Miller

Howie Miller is a Cree stand-up comedian who was recently featured on American television in the Showtime special No Reservations Needed and has made numerous appearances on Canadian television, including the CBC comedy specials, Winnipeg Comedy Festival: Welcome to Turtle Island 1 & 2, CBC’s Alberta Comedy Spectacular and in his own half-hour comedy special Comedy Now Presents Howie Miller. He can also be heard on CBC’s popular radio show The Debaters.


Marta loves Delmer, but with Marta, love is not blinding. She sees Delmer with all his flaws, but minds none of them. And she loves hosting the interview segment on Good Morning Morningside. While Marta's blunt delivery and unbridled honesty may not always win friends, they help make her interview segments extremely popular.

Kevin McDonald

Born in Montreal Canada, Kevin was a drama major at Humber College, but was kicked out for being only good at comedy. Enrolled in an improv class, he met Dave Foley and they began working as a comedy team while employed as movie ushers. In 1984 they merged with another comedy team and formed The Kids in the Hall.


Creston is the station manager, a self-described Zen Buddhist, but not really. For Creston, doing his part is getting you to do your part. He sports a dyed perm and eats only organic – which means eating whatever he likes and lording it over everyone. The ultimate positive thinker, Creston maintains his positive outlook by never actually listening.

Shaun Johnston

Shaun was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is an actor and director, known for Heartland (2007), Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007) and Supervolcano (2005).


Tom has been Delmer’s best friend since he and Marta moved to Morningside. Tom is great if you want to start a band or if you need a wrestling partner, just don’t bring up his ex-wife as he’s still not over her leaving him.

Patricia Zentilli

Patricia has performed across Canada in television, film, theatre and cabaret. You may recognize her from The Jane Show (Global) or Lexx (Sci Fi). She was nominated for an AMPIA award for the pilot episode of Delmer & Marta. She loves playing Lisa and is really not that mean in real life.


Lisa considers herself the star of Morningside’s news scene but always feels her rightful place in the world is hosting a nightly magazine news-show on a major network. She is ambitious well beyond her talent, which is not to say she has no talent, just perhaps too much ambition. She is more self-promoting than journalistic and it shows in the most painful on-air blunders.

Jason Cermak

Jason grew up in Rocky Mountain House and was a decathlon competitor for years. He began acting only after receiving a Bachelor of Commerce but since 2000 has added many highlights to his resumé including Passchendaele, Supernatural and Hell On Wheels.


Chad is perhaps the most normal one of the group. He is a nice, sincere guy, with the best of intentions, although a bit of a coward and sometimes quick to confusion, rage and panic. Chad tends to get teased by his fellow workmates as his sincerity and lack of perspective make him a tempting target. Perhaps he just tries too hard.

Todd Houseman

Todd Houseman is a Cree actor, improviser, educator and musician. He performs regularly with Rapid Fire Theatre, and teaches improv weekly. Todd also facilitates a cultural exchange program for high schools and plays in a band around Edmonton’s local venues.


This nerdy young intern, Wesley, is the cliché of the sexy librarian with an aboriginal twist. He is very competent with lots of responsibility but is nervous around girls, which makes him falter. It doesn’t help that everyone keeps assuming that Wesley and Keltie are an item, while he is still pining for Maxine.

Leah Doz

Leah is known for the feature films It’s Not My Fault and I Don’t Care Anyway, One Drop, Margarita, and shorts including Issues, You Are Free, and Amalgamations. She is also an award winning theatre actor, and has performed across Canada, including Soulpepper, National Arts Centre, and the Stratford Festival.


A new intern and a real go-getter, Keltie wants everyone to like her. In fact she wants that so bad that she often has the opposite effect and drives everyone nuts! Keltie has a very high energy which is unfortunately combined with a complete lack of coordination. She will make everyone coffee, but there is a good chance she will also spill it on them!

Trevor Schmidt

Trevor Schmidt is an actor known for It's Not My Fault and I Don't Care Anyway (2015), Stitches (2009) and Voo Doo Sex Talk: The Riot (2012). He can also be found on the Edmonton theatre scene, both acting and directing.


Lloyd is the floor director of Good Morning Morningside. He always seems pleasant and polite, but can sometimes be a pompous pain in the butt. He is Creston’s right hand man, calling camera changes, organizing show schedules, guests, and times. Lloyd always seems to be the only one who truly knows every detail of the workings of the show.